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      Sales Training Demo
  Description: This is a Simulated Conversation that was built in the Free Version of KDSimStudio. This demo is designed to show of the some of the conversation capabilities of KDSimStudio.

Click here to begin the sales training.
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      Surgical Simulation
  Description: Welcome to a new breed of Interactive Medical Training that allows medical professionals to practice new procedures on the web. Simulation-based training delivers consistent competence to large audiences, free from the cost and scheduling constraints of clinical training techniques. This simulated spinal procedure integrates the Simulation and Artificial Intelligence capabilities of Knowledge Dynamics with 3D visualizations from Illumen Studios.

This demo was developed with KDSimStudio Professional, KDCalc, Excel, Magnesium, and Flash.

Click here to begin the procedure.
      EDS Critical Incident Management
  Description: EDS must ensure that its 5000 Production Environment Managers based at EDS Service Management Centers and client locations around the world execute ITIL methodology with consistent service excellence. So EDS called upon Knowledge Dynamics to develop a simulation-based learning experience, where PEMs can practice and master the EDS methodology by executing it for simulated clients.

This demo shows an overview of all of the components of the EDS Course and Simulation. The Course, Pre- and PostTests were developed with KDCalc, Excel, Magnesium, and Flash. The Simulation and Practice Interactions were developed with KDSimStudio Professional, KDCalc, Excel, Magnesium, and Flash.

Click here to see the overview movie.
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